11 Days old and just beginning to attempt travel on all fours! Their days consist of hanging out at the milk bar, when they aren’t sleeping off their milk high 😉 Time lapse photography would show they do a lot of ‘formation changes’ in the whelping box. It might be interesting to try and analyze what their favorite pattern is and why? They’ve had their toenails trimmed twice now…and Caper is ever so thankful for that. Should be expanding their space and moving downstairs next week.
I added some Recommended Reading on the right-hand side of this page. The two paperback books at the top of the list are some of the best I’ve seen on getting ready for a pup. I’d encourage you all to invest in each of these and start thinking about how to best prepare for a pup. The third title is a great book recommended by Trixie’s mom on raising a puppy with your children. You may want to add that one to your library as well.
They should be accepting visitors beginning sometime late September….