Pups turned 6 weeks old a couple of days ago and the past week has been filled with exploration! The weather has been splendid and they have learned to LOVE to go outdoors. Open the gate of their neighborhood and they RUN out into the world. They scatter in little mini-packs to play, wrestle, dig holes (don’t you love it that they will go to their new homes with this skill!), maul plants that have crept outside their protective fencing, harrass the big dogs, learn to climb stairs and much more.

They all had to weigh in the other day and they range from 7lbs 7 oz to 6lbs. Even still they find the agility to motor around the yard at lightening speed!

I added a “medium” crate to their neighborhood to help prepare them for crate training when they go to their new homes. They all piled in several layers deep to check it out. The funniest thing is Cadie routinely goes into the crate and all 10 follow her and nurse. Every cubic inch of that small 200-sized kennel is filled with PWDs! What a sight!

I have posted photos collected over the past week for your enjoyment. One of the things I enjoy most is watching Cadie play with them. She will gently correct any that get a little too big for their breeches and sit and mouth-measure with them one on one. They are quite full of themselves, so she has lots of work to be done.

Enjoy the pictures!