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A breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs located in Western Washington.

We Can Wobble

Pups continue to grow and have begun to get up on their feet and wobble from one place to the other. It definitely speeds up their travel time to the milk bar. They continue to grow and mom keeps them all clean, shiny, and well fed. The pig rail is gone from the whelping box […]

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Pups are One Week Old

We're one week old today. Fable is a FABulous mom and feeding us well. Little Thumbelina weighs in at 14 oz and Beast is at the top of the heap at 1lb-10oz😳

Posted by Stowaway PWDs on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Attention at the Milk Bar

Pups are growing like little weeds! Spending lots of time at the milk  bar. Looks like one is in a milk coma there at the end of the line!

Tails are at attention for the milk bar❤️

Posted by Stowaway PWDs on Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Tall Tales Litter Has Arrived

They’re here! The Tall Tails litter born April 5..picture are two boys -Beast and Ichabod- along with their 5 sisters Thumbelina, Cinderella, Belle, Ursula, and Pocahontas. Birth weights ranged from 15.5-12 oz with Thumbelina starting out at 7.5 oz. All are doing well and Thumbelina is in a race to catch-up 😊 (Parents are […]

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Countdown to Puppies!!

Count down to the due date April 7….for the Tall Tails Litter. Fable got her puppy count x-ray today and I’m counting 8 puppies for sure…maybe 9.  Look for their little heads and then connect the spine to the head to count for one puppy. This helps us be a little bit better prepared […]

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