Poor Cadie! Her belly gets bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. She is ravenous these days and motors around just fine in search for treats. The amount she eats has gradually increased over the past couple of weeks to help fuel those growing little pups. These last couple of weeks she will require higher density / lower volume food as the pups take up more and more space. They are such amazing creatures as she “let me know” she is ready for a change in diet. She is now chowing down on a mix of liver, kidney, and heart in addition to the veggies and supplements to support the pregnancy.

We went to agility class this week and she enjoyed visiting with her friends. She was happy to have the chance to do a mini-mommy course of a couple of 4-inch jumps and a teeter. Her friend, Sally, helped her with the teeter as her center of gravity has changed a bit – to say the least!

Her waistline now measures 33 inches!