What a busy week! Cadie dropped a BIG hint that it was time I pitched in to help feed this crew! Last weekend she started offering the pups one of her chicken wings to gnaw on. What a great time they had when they realized their good fortune. They hovered around like little vultures and ‘nursed’ the wing until they each feel off to sleep one by one.
Their first offering from my kitchen was a pan of goats milk and baby rice cereal. They lapped it up like pros and had great fun cleaning each other’s faces as after dinner snacks! By early in the week they were well on their way to having 3 squares from the kitchen and lovin’ every morsel! There always seems to be ONE puppy that feels the need to lay spread eagle across the feed pan. So cute and they seem to take turns each time as to who assumes that position.
By the weekend, it was clear they needed space…more space! The weather seems to be taking a turn for the better, so they got moved to the garage. With this move they get extra toys to play with and navigate over and around. They have a tippy board that is square and wobbles when they cross it; a mini dog-walk; a crate to den in; and a wire fence barier to work on getting around to get to the other side.

They also got to venture out into the big outdoors and mingle with the big dogs! Uncle Augie was here for a visit this week and he got to play with the pups a bit. Big Sis, Booty got some one on one time with her little sibs. Cadie is happy to have them in larger quarters and maintains the lookout position when they are outdoors as her new found puppy sitters interact with her brood.

Let’s hope Mother Nature continues her trend to Spring and we’ll try and get some cute outdoor shots for you. Come visit when you can. They are such fun and have the best puppy breath!