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Recommended Reading

Your puppy’s “formative years” are only a dozen or so weeks long. The time and training you invest now will pay lasting dividends in the years to come. Read Whole Dog Journal’s Guides to Optimum Dog Care: Puppy Primer. This collection of articles provides the keys to getting your pup off to a healthy, confident, and well-adjusted start.

Read Buyer Beware page from the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada. This page provides great insight into talking to breeders and making sure you get the pup you are looking for. As with anything, there are those deceptive breeders out there. A must read for anyone looking for a pup…

How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With is a great read. This little paperback combined with the WDJ Puppy Primer provide you with a great start to getting ready for your pup.

Read Raising Puppies Kids Together: A Guide for Parents to see if you have what it takes. This paperback covers most every aspect of successfully integrating a puppy into your household with children. It comes recommended by a puppy home with kids….

The “catch” in having a breed that does not shed is they do require regular grooming and haircuts. Portuguese Water Dogs need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. Molly Speckhardt’s book on grooming the PWD covers the basics through show trims. This book provides all the info you need to keep your PWD looking fabulous in a low maintenance pet trim.

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