Year-end Catching Up on Things

Sea-cret and Booty waiting at the gate. As the year draws to an end, there seems to be lots of catching up to do! Yard work beckons. Housework beckons. At last there is a break in the buzzing of saws and banging of hammers that have been a part of our lives since arriving to this house July 3rd! We are thoroughly enjoying having a break in the mayhem and finally getting a chance to come a bit closer to settling in to this house and property. It [...]

By |January 1st, 2016|Booty, Sea-cret|

Pool is Closed!

The pool is officially closed but these guys seem to have other ideas! They view the cover as a fun trampoline and can now make quick short cuts over it across the yard;-) The pool remains their giant water bowl as all they need to do is walk out on the cover to get a little drink! Hemi waiting for the pool to re-open They really do miss being able to go for a dip...I know they are all counting the days until April when they can resume [...]

We’ve Arrived!

Glenns Ferry, ID After some 2,800 miles...but who's counting...we arrived safe and sound in Alabama. The dogs all handled the trip very well and will soon have the chance to stretch their legs in their new home. What a gorgeous drive we had across the Grand Teton area of Wyoming. Gorgeous colors in the mountains for miles and miles and miles. The first day on the road covered eastern Oregon and a good portion of Idaho. We settled in for the night in a small town called Glenns [...]

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