Pups Are In Their New Homes!

All the watches celebrated their 10 weeks birthdays this past weekend. Each pup getting busy settling into their new homes and families. It’s been great to hear such good reports from everyone and see pictures and video of the pups in their new homes. Everyone has their formal AKC names and are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks. Spring will be here soon… I know it will....followed shortly by summer. I can just tell these guys are going to have a ton of fun this [...]

Puppies Headed Out to Their New Homes

Puppies have been busy this week getting ready to head out to their new homes. They made it through their longest car trip so far as they headed to Seattle to have their eyes checked out by Dr. Sullivan at Animal Eye Clinic. They all passed their eye exams with flying colors. Check---Mark----last item off my list getting them ready to head to their new homes. There was still plenty of time to continue exploring and testing their skills at mountain climbing...aka the patio furniture ;-) They are so adventuresome [...]

Seven Weeks old and lots to do!

Puppies turn seven weeks old this week and had lots to do. They had more fun than should be allowed getting to test out the BIG dog tippy board! They were absolutely fearless and totally loved the ride. They ran and romped and dived under and over. Have no fear when you see that little guy dive under at the end of the video….he wiggled right out and went at it again. What fun to watch this fun loving bunch of pups! This week they also went on [...]

Puppies Get to See the Outdoors!

Pups are turning six weeks and the activity level is definitely on the rise.  They embrace every new thing I put in their pen and explore like good little puppies! We had a nice turn in the weather and they got a chance to get outdoors and feel some grass under their paws! They definitely gave it a paws up. What fun to see them romp and play outside! I really wasn't sure if that would be possible in January!

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