My how time flies!

How is it possible it's been so long since this blog was last updated? Busy times for all of us. So many things have happened since the last entry...hard to know where to start! Booty has been busy with agility...that girls is ALWAYS ready to Go! Here she is taking off on the start line. Hemi took the rest of the year off after finishing his Championship in March. He regularly taunted the girls, inviting them to a game of chase. Sea-cret got busy and finished her AKC Championship in [...]

Spring is on it’s way!

Lots of action underway on all fronts. The local PWD club recently held a three-day agility trial in Monroe, WA. There were stellar performances and certainly lots of fun to be had by PWDs. Debuts were made by Coastie and Eileen, Nemo and Mary, and Beckett and Cathi. Eileen and Coastie are certainly bitten by the agility bug. Mary and Cathi were already beyond the point of no return and had a great showing with lots of enthusiasm. Hemi got a new title and is now an AKC Champion of [...]

Happy New Year!

Kizzy -- floating away a Summer day. Fall sure seemed to be a whirlwind that blew right through the end of the year. Not quite sure where the time went. It has been great to get updates and photos from the pups and their peeps. Also got a chance to visit with Coastie, Oz, Gus, and Ariel when they came for a visit to the doggie spa for haircuts. Hobie and Kaia -- Beach Party! Jack -- From his lookout post at the beach. [...]

Leaves are Falling

The colors this year have been spectacular! Fall is my favorite season as things wind down from summer activities. Grasa came for a visit and enjoyed some time cavorting about with her sisters. It was looking pretty brown here for a while with 3 brown girls running about. Cadie and I are back into the agility game and having a great time! You can check out some of our runs via the YouTube link to the right. It is so much fun to get to spend time with Cathi and [...]

Summer updates!

What a great summer it has been here in the PNW. Plenty of sunshine and sometime a bit too much heat. Cadie got a chance to get back to agility trialing for a weekend and had a blast. We had some really great runs and managed a Q. Crazy to think it has been 2 years since we've competed! Caper and Booty have been having fun blasting in and out of the 'kiddie pool' in the yard. We are all looking forward to this fall/winter agilitiy trials and a sabbatical [...]

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