Connor x Fable Litter

Let’s have some Holiday Cheer!

  Welcome! To these 9 little wishes of Holiday Cheer❤️ Arriving in the wee hours of Friday morning December 14, all are doing just great. Fable got right into the spirit of motherhood and is being the fabulous mom she has always been. There are 4 girls and 5 boys...all black wavy with some bits of white on a few of them. Look for updates in the coming the meantime hers a toast to the best days ahead filled with Holiday Cheers from little Fizz, eggNOG, Harvey, Toddy, Bellini, [...]

Passel ‘O Pups

Looks like quite a bit of Holiday Cheers are on there way! Poor Fable is definitely got her waddle on😜. Looking forward to welcoming the little Cheers next weekend...bring on the Cheers! Bellini, Toddy, Cosmo, Martini, Fuzz, Kahlua, Spiked, Margarita, Glogg, and so many more fun options for "crib names" 😍

Expecting a Litte Holiday Cheer!

It's official! Fable is bringing in her own bunch of holiday cheer as pups are due around December 16! Ultrasound shows at least 8, likely 10 pups in the oven. She's doing great and enjoying an extra helping of grub at each meal. She's such a good mom and enjoys her puppies so. Looking forward to meeting these guys soon. For more information about this breeding take a look at their page. Keep an eye out for further updates as the due date draws near.

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