Dexter x Fable Litter

TipSea and the pool cover puddle!

There's nothing that can keep this little fish from the water. TipSea took advantage of the new water feature known as the pool cover and rolled like a little pig to get every inch wet. So much for me thinking I'd have less wet dogs to contend with by closing the pool- ;-)

Peeps Pups Have Arrived!

Peeps Pups have arrived! 8 little pups arrived late on Monday April 2, 2018. All are doing well and  mom Fable is doing her usual spectacular job taking care of them. Their birth weights ranged from 17.5 to 11.5 ounces.  All black with little to no white markings on them as I'd expected. There is an even split of 4 males and 4 females in the litters.  Meet Marsha and her brother Mallow, along with the rest of the gang - Chickie, Cotton (Candy), Ghost, Beanie, Bunny, and Sugar😍 [...]

Count the Peeps!

Countdown to arrival of the Peeps Pups has begun! Quick x-ray to get a final head count in preparation for their arrival was taken Friday. I'm seeing 8 little Peeps Pups lining up to meet the world outside. Fable is doing great and still motoring around outside in the beautiful spring weather. Her appetite has been growing just like her waistline! April we come!! Look at all those Peeps Pups!

Springtime is for Peeps!

Fable has that motherly glow as her waistline expands! Springtime brings Peeps and Pups I suppose! Only a few more weeks before the little peeps arrive....can't wait to meet them! The chosen litter theme is Peeps and thinking caps are on for cute Peep and springtime related crib names. Fable and the crew are digging springtime! Figuratively and literally! There were a couple of low spots in the yard and I had the bright idea to level them off with topsoil as the grass is greening up. Well it [...]

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