Dobby x Cadie Litter

March is a month for birthdays!

March is a month of birthdays! Puppies from the Frodo x Cadie litter celebrated their 9th birthday on March 21st this year. So hard to believe those guys are 9 already. Booty wishes her brothers and sisters a very happy birthday, month and year! What a great fun-loving bunch. This was the Jewel theme litter and they've all turned out to be quite the gems, making incredible pets to their families for these past 9 years. Here's a toast to many more years and continued good health for these guys. [...]

Talent Loves Idaho

Talent's Summer Vacation! Looks like Talent had a great time on vacation in Idaho with his family! What a great picture of him in front of the golden oat fields...which he seems to be covered in by the way ;-) Thanks Patti, for the stunning photo of him in such a beautiful place. I know he and his friend Jack the Lab had a great family vacation.  A week hanging out on a 260 acre ranch in Idaho...looks amazing! Easy to see why you keep going back. I think [...]

My how time flies!

How is it possible it's been so long since this blog was last updated? Busy times for all of us. So many things have happened since the last entry...hard to know where to start! Booty has been busy with agility...that girls is ALWAYS ready to Go! Here she is taking off on the start line. Hemi took the rest of the year off after finishing his Championship in March. He regularly taunted the girls, inviting them to a game of chase. Sea-cret got busy and finished her AKC Championship in [...]

Spring is on it’s way!

Lots of action underway on all fronts. The local PWD club recently held a three-day agility trial in Monroe, WA. There were stellar performances and certainly lots of fun to be had by PWDs. Debuts were made by Coastie and Eileen, Nemo and Mary, and Beckett and Cathi. Eileen and Coastie are certainly bitten by the agility bug. Mary and Cathi were already beyond the point of no return and had a great showing with lots of enthusiasm. Hemi got a new title and is now an AKC Champion of [...]

Happy New Year!

I find it hard to believe it's been 8 months since my last blog update...shameful! I've enjoyed the updates from each and everyone of you and my New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger! I just had a visit from Booty's brother Gus as his family spent the holidays in NYC! What a great boy he is. Such a gently soul and happy fella. It was good to get the chance to spend some time with him. Booty's brother Marco and his owner Cathi, have been smoking the courses [...]

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