Eli x Fable Litter

Attention at the Milk Bar

Pups are growing like little weeds! Spending lots of time at the milk  bar. Looks like one is in a milk coma there at the end of the line!

Tails are at attention for the milk bar❤️

Posted by Stowaway PWDs on Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Tall Tales Litter Has Arrived

They’re here! The Tall Tails litter born April 5..picture are two boys -Beast and Ichabod- along with their 5 sisters Thumbelina, Cinderella, Belle, Ursula, and Pocahontas. Birth weights ranged from 15.5-12 oz with Thumbelina starting out at 7.5 oz. All are doing well and Thumbelina is in a race to catch-up 😊 (Parents are […]

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Countdown to Puppies!!

Count down to the due date April 7….for the Tall Tails Litter. Fable got her puppy count x-ray today and I’m counting 8 puppies for sure…maybe 9.  Look for their little heads and then connect the spine to the head to count for one puppy. This helps us be a little bit better prepared […]

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Puppies on the Way!!

Break out the party hats! Puppies on the way. I took a quick peek by ultrasound and yes indeed….there are buns in the oven for Eli x Fable! Look for more details closer to due date of April 7….excited to welcome spring pups! 

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