Wrapping up Fall with a Blast of Winter

Summer was fabulous but the time came to close down and cover the pool. Fable is definitely at the head of the list of those who are missing fun in the water. She has got to be the happiest dog I've ever owned....she makes the most of every situation. Turns her pool cover puddle into her very own Slip-n-Slide ;-) Fable making the most of the pool cover I think it is safe to say we are wrapping up fall as there is a cold blast of winter [...]

Pool is Closed!

The pool is officially closed but these guys seem to have other ideas! They view the cover as a fun trampoline and can now make quick short cuts over it across the yard;-) The pool remains their giant water bowl as all they need to do is walk out on the cover to get a little drink! Hemi waiting for the pool to re-open They really do miss being able to go for a dip...I know they are all counting the days until April when they can resume [...]

Summer is winding down…enjoy the pool while you can!

Fable is a joyful girl! Flattened water bottles are the BEST toys! And Fable the Fish is enjoying a little pool time whenever she can. All the dogs have thoroughly enjoyed having access to the pool this summer. Fable is such a happy joyful girl and she cannot stay out of the water. I fully expect her to be taking a dip right up to the day the cover goes over top closing the pool for the winter. https://www.facebook.com/Stowawaypwds/videos/935976533141961/?theater `Janet

Fable the Fish

https://www.facebook.com/Stowawaypwds/videos/914178521988429/ Fable the Fish discovered the wonder of the pool ;-) She loves to taunt the big dogs as she floats in the cool water. She is an amazing swimmer and so completely comfortable in the water. Living up to her middle name!! She's in and out of the water all day long and loves every aspect of it. She launches herself off the steps over and over again. She casually swims around in the pool and literally plays with the water ;-) What a great little water dog she [...]

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