Frodo x Cadie Litter

Frodo girls weekend out – Sea-cret NA NAJ

This weekend was all about the Frodo girls - Booty and Sea-cret! We spent each day outdoors in this spectacular weather, running agility. Booty had some amazing runs in Masters...but those darn judges did not keep their hands by their sides! Boo is always 100% fun. She was totally loving being back in agility and our teamwork was off just a bit. I just love that dog! Sea-cret was not to be outdone. My goal for the weekend was to qualify in Jumpers with her to get her Novice Jumpers [...]

Champion Cutter & Hemi’s Grand Champion

Hemi and his sister, Cutter, have been busy on the AKC dog show scene. Hemi is pictured here completing his AKC Grand Championship at the Mt Baker Dog Show under Judge Rita Biddle. Thanks so much to Sammie Lewis and Austyn Collins for their presentation of  "The Boy". Austyn took him in the group ring and made the final cut of 6 dogs. Go Austyn!Very proud of this boy as he just getting started as a special and is already nationally ranked. Cutter hit the show ring in January and [...]

My how time flies!

How is it possible it's been so long since this blog was last updated? Busy times for all of us. So many things have happened since the last entry...hard to know where to start! Booty has been busy with agility...that girls is ALWAYS ready to Go! Here she is taking off on the start line. Hemi took the rest of the year off after finishing his Championship in March. He regularly taunted the girls, inviting them to a game of chase. Sea-cret got busy and finished her AKC Championship in [...]

Spring 2014!

Winter’s over and the natives have been a bit restless. Everyone took the opportunity to romp and play on this glorious spring day. Sunshine and warm breezes....    Seacret found a ball….She love to drop it at the top of the hill and chase it down….repeat. She has always been a great one to self-entertain ;-)     Cutter was over getting ready to head off to a show with her brother, Hemi. She ran and ran and ran…that girl has got some ‘go’! Hemi thought maybe he'd finally worn her [...]

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