Hemi and Shea at Nationals

Hemi had a great time at Nationals last year and Shea did a wonderful job of presenting him. Nationals are one week long and full of activities and competitions each and every day. Hemi competed in the Best of Breed competition and was invited to compete in the Top Twenty Event. This is one of my favorite candid shots of him in the ring on that last day of competition....with a little Photoshop fun treatment.

We’ve turned the corner on winter!

Hemi and his hypnotic stare. We've turned the corner on winter and the days are getting longer! So excited to welcome spring just around the corner. We are all looking forward to a full summer by the pool...wahoo! Everyone got some time at the doggie spa table this past weekend. Hemi and Fable got their Speedo haircuts refreshed to finish out the winter in low maintenance mode. The two brown girls (Sea-cret and Booty) got tidied up...and boy did they need it! Just take a look at Sea-cret's [...]

By |January 26th, 2016|Hemi, Sea-cret|

Pool is Closed!

The pool is officially closed but these guys seem to have other ideas! They view the cover as a fun trampoline and can now make quick short cuts over it across the yard;-) The pool remains their giant water bowl as all they need to do is walk out on the cover to get a little drink! Hemi waiting for the pool to re-open They really do miss being able to go for a dip...I know they are all counting the days until April when they can resume [...]

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