Happy New Year!

Kizzy -- floating away a Summer day. Fall sure seemed to be a whirlwind that blew right through the end of the year. Not quite sure where the time went. It has been great to get updates and photos from the pups and their peeps. Also got a chance to visit with Coastie, Oz, Gus, and Ariel when they came for a visit to the doggie spa for haircuts. Hobie and Kaia -- Beach Party! Jack -- From his lookout post at the beach. [...]

Fall winds down–

The glow of fall seems to have dampened and winter is on the horizon. It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone and it’s time to get busy! I loved hearing reports and receiving photo updates from all the pups over the summer. They sure are growing up well. I’ll be updating the blog with these reports later this weekend. Trixie has become a fast friend for Ben and Anya, why she even shared a tooth fairy experience with Anya! Wonder what the tooth fairy brought those girls in trade [...]

Hobie at Large

What a face! Sam says he reminds her of a cartoon character here...big head and body that fades into the background. Hobie has been doing fabulous and Sam has been equally fabulous to share his adventures and send along tons of photos. Love it! Keep 'em coming. July 4th week Hobie and his family spent some time on the beach where the little guy showed his true colors as a water dog. He and his pal Kaia and his boys waded in to the cold ocean as if it were [...]

Surf’s up for JJ

JJ is now known as Hobie and is off to win hearts in his new home with his 4 humans and Kaia, the adult PWD. His long ride to his new home was spent snuggling on Nicholas' lap with Nicholas reading to him. When he got to his new house he got busy exploring and trying out all his new puppy toys. His PWD housemate, Kaia, kept her distance observing the actions of this new little creature in her home for some time. Later that night, she brought little Hobie [...]

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