Dog Days of Summer

In the dog days of summer what does a smart dog do? Sea-cret says a quick dip in that gigantic water bowl called a pool is just the thing to help a girl cool off. Everyone is settling in nicely to their new digs...I'm thinking the pool is going to be a big hit! Just hoping to hold Hemi off on that little epiphany until after the national and there's much less coat to deal with. Fingers crossed... ~Janet      

We’ve Arrived!

Glenns Ferry, ID After some 2,800 miles...but who's counting...we arrived safe and sound in Alabama. The dogs all handled the trip very well and will soon have the chance to stretch their legs in their new home. What a gorgeous drive we had across the Grand Teton area of Wyoming. Gorgeous colors in the mountains for miles and miles and miles. The first day on the road covered eastern Oregon and a good portion of Idaho. We settled in for the night in a small town called Glenns [...]

Busy Days and Big Changes

Big changes coming for us is on the market and soon we'll be headed east to be closer to family. In spite of feeling like I'm not a pack-rat...there sure have been some busy days packing up to de-clutter for going on the market.  Those bad brown girls had a bit too much fun while I was distracted with my efforts to fill more garbage bags. Seems...once again, they slipped under the fence and frolicked in the stinky nasty pile of grass clippings sprinkled with lots of eeewww ;-) [...]

Our Spectacular Weekend in Canada!!

Hemi waiting his turn. Hemi and Sea-cret headed north for the weekend with one of their best pals, Sammie Lewis. What a successful weekend---Hemi came home with his Canadian Kennel Club championship and Sea-cret came home with CKC Championship points! In Canada, you must have a total of 10 points under three different judges with at least a 2-point win along the way. They award additional points for group competition based on the placement and the number of breeds competing in the group. Hemi and Sammie did in [...]

Frodo girls weekend out – Sea-cret NA NAJ

This weekend was all about the Frodo girls - Booty and Sea-cret! We spent each day outdoors in this spectacular weather, running agility. Booty had some amazing runs in Masters...but those darn judges did not keep their hands by their sides! Boo is always 100% fun. She was totally loving being back in agility and our teamwork was off just a bit. I just love that dog! Sea-cret was not to be outdone. My goal for the weekend was to qualify in Jumpers with her to get her Novice Jumpers [...]