Talent Loves Idaho

Talent's Summer Vacation! Looks like Talent had a great time on vacation in Idaho with his family! What a great picture of him in front of the golden oat fields...which he seems to be covered in by the way ;-) Thanks Patti, for the stunning photo of him in such a beautiful place. I know he and his friend Jack the Lab had a great family vacation.  A week hanging out on a 260 acre ranch in Idaho...looks amazing! Easy to see why you keep going back. I think [...]

Happy New Year!

I find it hard to believe it's been 8 months since my last blog update...shameful! I've enjoyed the updates from each and everyone of you and my New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger! I just had a visit from Booty's brother Gus as his family spent the holidays in NYC! What a great boy he is. Such a gently soul and happy fella. It was good to get the chance to spend some time with him. Booty's brother Marco and his owner Cathi, have been smoking the courses [...]

Catching up!

Boy am I ever behind on posting! I see it's been since October of 2011 and so much has happened in the meantime. All the pups went to their new homes by the end of October and according to reports are doing great as they venture out into the world. They are 9 months old now! Here is the legend to their new handles. Chevelle - Stowaway Coastal Sailor WHEC "Cutter" Hemi - Stowaway Drive It Like U Stole It "Hemi" Cuda - Stowaway Cato "Cato" Coupe - Stowaway Coupe [...]

Happy New Year!

Kizzy -- floating away a Summer day. Fall sure seemed to be a whirlwind that blew right through the end of the year. Not quite sure where the time went. It has been great to get updates and photos from the pups and their peeps. Also got a chance to visit with Coastie, Oz, Gus, and Ariel when they came for a visit to the doggie spa for haircuts. Hobie and Kaia -- Beach Party! Jack -- From his lookout post at the beach. [...]

NAJ and T gets a major!

 Booty has been burning up the agility ring while waiting for that last major to come around to finish her championship. In short order, she has completed her NAJ (Novice Agility Jumpers) title. What fun she is to run in agility...I guess all that practice leaping over any fence I seem to construct is finally being put to good use! Mr T (Talent) got busy with the show circuit in January and wracked up some nice major reserves. Just a warm up for the handsome young man as he got [...]

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