Happy New Year!

Kizzy -- floating away a Summer day. Fall sure seemed to be a whirlwind that blew right through the end of the year. Not quite sure where the time went. It has been great to get updates and photos from the pups and their peeps. Also got a chance to visit with Coastie, Oz, Gus, and Ariel when they came for a visit to the doggie spa for haircuts. Hobie and Kaia -- Beach Party! Jack -- From his lookout post at the beach. [...]

Summer updates!

What a great summer it has been here in the PNW. Plenty of sunshine and sometime a bit too much heat. Cadie got a chance to get back to agility trialing for a weekend and had a blast. We had some really great runs and managed a Q. Crazy to think it has been 2 years since we've competed! Caper and Booty have been having fun blasting in and out of the 'kiddie pool' in the yard. We are all looking forward to this fall/winter agilitiy trials and a sabbatical [...]

Fall winds down–

The glow of fall seems to have dampened and winter is on the horizon. It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone and it’s time to get busy! I loved hearing reports and receiving photo updates from all the pups over the summer. They sure are growing up well. I’ll be updating the blog with these reports later this weekend. Trixie has become a fast friend for Ben and Anya, why she even shared a tooth fairy experience with Anya! Wonder what the tooth fairy brought those girls in trade [...]

Pepper Minstix is the first to fledge!

Yesterday, Pepper Minstix packed her little puppy bag and took off for her new life as the best puppy, Trixie, in her new home. Sean, Karen, Anja, and Ben welcomed her into their lives and she is loving it! Reports of her first night include snuggles with Ben and Anja while they watched TV and Karen prepared dinner and exploring her new house. Then there was more snuggling for bedtime stories. How could a puppy possibly resist a good bedtime story? Top that off with puppy play and she was [...]

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