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Hemi and Shea at Nationals

Hemi had a great time at Nationals last year and Shea did a wonderful job of presenting him. Nationals are one week long and full of activities and competitions each and every day. Hemi competed in the Best of Breed competition and was invited to compete in the Top Twenty Event. This is one of my favorite candid shots of him in the ring on that last day of competition....with a little Photoshop fun treatment.

Sunny Fall Afternoons Are a Great Time to Play in the Water

With Hemi's new doo, he has the thumbs up for as much pool time as he can get in. Neither one of us really wanted to deal with all that show coat and the pool ;-) He is totally loving the water and I recently grabbed some shots of him showing his joy for life as he launches himself into the water, making as big a splash as possible. Barefoot skiing! I couldn't help but reflect back on this sweet boy and a sunny October afternoon 4 years [...]

Hemi Found the Pool

Hemi making a splash! https://www.facebook.com/Stowawaypwds/videos/914180398654908/ Buzz cut! Hemi got a summer haircut as a reward for a job well done in the show ring! Shortly followed by him finding the pool. He's so happy to finally be swimming and have that short summer doo. I do love putting my dogs in a short cut as you really get the chance to see what they are made of...so to speak. Proud to say my boy handles wearing a Speedo cut well. It's gonna be a great summer of fun in [...]

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