We Can Wobble

Pups continue to grow and have begun to get up on their feet and wobble from one place to the other. It definitely speeds up their travel time to the milk bar. They continue to grow and mom keeps them all clean, shiny, and well fed. The pig rail is gone from the whelping box […]

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Pups are One Week Old

We're one week old today. Fable is a FABulous mom and feeding us well. Little Thumbelina weighs in at 14 oz and Beast is at the top of the heap at 1lb-10oz😳

Posted by Stowaway PWDs on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Smart Pups Need Mental and Physical Activity

I’ve seen a few..or more…of these signs. How about you? PWDs are pretty smart guys and most need mental as well as physical activity to stay healthy, happy, good family members.
One of my favorite fun activities for rainy days inside is a game of Hide and Seek. Oh… the challenge of sneaking away from […]

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We’ve Arrived!

After some 2,800 miles…but who’s counting…we arrived safe and sound in Alabama. The dogs all handled the trip very well and will soon have the chance to stretch their legs in their new home. What a gorgeous drive we had across the Grand Teton area of Wyoming. Gorgeous colors in the mountains for miles […]

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March is a month for birthdays!

March is a month of birthdays!
Puppies from the Frodo x Cadie litter celebrated their 9th birthday on March 21st this year. So hard to believe those guys are 9 already. Booty wishes her brothers and sisters a very happy birthday, month and year! What a great fun-loving bunch. This was the Jewel theme litter […]

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