Hemi and his sister, Cutter, have been busy on the AKC dog show scene. Hemi is pictured here completing his AKC Grand Championship at the Mt Baker Dog Show under Judge Rita Biddle. Thanks so much to Sammie Lewis and Austyn Collins for their presentation of  “The Boy”. Austyn took him in the group ring and made the final cut of 6 dogs. Go Austyn!Very proud of this boy as he just getting started as a special and is already nationally ranked.

Cutter hit the show ring in January and came home with a major her first weekend out. She continued to collect championship points at a nice clip over the following months and finished her championship the first week in June. She’s looking forward to taking the summer off and getting back to her busy life.

Sea-cret and Booty got busy with a bit of agility in June! Those two Fro-Fro girls managed to amass an amazing number of Qs on Sunday of the trial weekend. We do always seem to be a better second day team. Practice makes perfect I say;-)! Sea-cret finished her Novice Standard Agility title and would now like to be known at Ch DownEast Sea-cret NA…thank you very much. Booty did a fab job and brought home another QQ towards her MACH. Gawd…I hope we make it before we are both out there with the help of assistive devices. That girl has no problems wracking up the speed points…but QQs means control and consistency. Our struggle 😉 Love trying to keep up with those Fro-Fro girls!