Nurse Hallie came by on Tuesday this week to visit and help with microchipping the pups. They were much braver than me during this whole process! They all are now microchipped just in case they ever – heaven forbid – slip away and need to be reunited with their owners. The paperwork for each chip will be registered with the AKC CAR program which maintains a database of contact information for the pups and their owners for life.

Then we watched the American Idol finale with the battle of the Davids. This week I have begun to bring each pup in to spend a night – or two – in a crate alone to try and help make the transition their new homes a bit easier. Pepper Minstix enjoyed the finale performances, while Fast Eddie must not have been happy with David Cook winning as he had lots to say during the announcement of the new American Idol winner. I suppose he could have been overtaken with joy….