Elves! Tipping their hat to their dad – Dobby (Downeast Elf About Town) – the pups have taken on their litter names in an Elven theme. I never knew how many groups of elves there were out there until Auntie Suzanne (Googler extraordinaire) found a list of elf names ranging from the Rice Krispie elves, Keebler elves, Christmas elves, and of course house elves from the Harry Potter series. Yesterday Auntie Sandy, Uncle Jim, and I went down the list of potential names and each puppy got assigned a litter name. It was fun coming up with associations to help make the assignment and remember it.

Presenting the Elves–
Boys are-
Zoot – Teenage Keebler elf (cause he’s wearing his zoot suit…white front legs, rear feet, etc.)
Fast Eddie – Keebler elf cracker and cookie wrapper (cause he has a yellow collar and everyone know you go fast when you see the yellow light.)
J.J. – Teenage Keebler elf and BFF of Zoot (cause his collar in orange – OJ – JJ)
Sam – Keebler elf and peanut butter maker (cause he’s burly and Sam seemed to fit)
Snap – Rice Krispies elf (cause he’s got those 4 white feet and is a pretty snappy dresser)
Girls are-
Flo – Keebler elf and Tree Accountant (hey, it was a girl name.)
Pepper Minstix – Christmas elf and guardian of the location of Father Christmas’s village. (cause she got a red collar)
Sugarplum Mary – Christmas elf and Head of Sweet Treats (cause she got a pink collar)
Buckets – Keebler elf who splashes fudge on the cookies (cause she is a big brown girl)
Elves are pretty squirmy and difficult to photograph individually. I’ll work on getting more shots of them soon. Meanwhile they are spending lots of time at the milk bar and sleeping…as it should be!