Over the past week all puppies eyes have opened. At first they are little slits, quickly progressing to eyes wide open. They are really starting to motor around, though a bit unsteady on their feet.

They play with each other – here are a couple of great play shots. I think Sam and JJ are trying out their circus act. Instead of Sam being a sword swallower they seem to be opting for puppy head swallower!

As the week progressed they become more and more steady and better accomplished at fast moves. Already trying out their ambush moves on their poor unsuspecting littermates who are fast asleep.

It is nice to see them being ‘clean’ as they purposely go to the side of their box away from their sleeping area to potty. I am thinking they will be ready for more space and a move downstairs into the kitchen/den area around their 3 week birthday.

Cadie is doing great and taking great care of the brood. Thank heavens she is such a good mom! Big Sister Booty thinks the pups are quite a curiosity and lays on the sofa beside their box watching them until she falls asleep.