Is it just me or does it seem summer just never arrived? Cadie, Booty, and Caper are enjoying the cool air as we enter into the fall season. There wasn’t much in the way of pool time this summer with the rain and cool temps, but on those couple of warm days Caper taught herself to use the float in the pool to cool off. She’s a crafty one that Caper!

It’s been a busy time with a recent trip to San Luis Obispo for the Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty. Booty and I drove down and had a very busy week of competing. We were entered in water on Sunday, Agility on Monday and Tuesday, Rally on Wednesday, and Conformation
on Thursday. It was a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new ones and what a beautiful part of the country.
It was my first time to enter Superdog competition, where you must compete in at least3 different venues. While we didn’t get many points for qualifying, we got lots of points for having fun. That Booty is my 100% fun girl!

 With our busy specialty schedule it seemed to make sense to leave Cadie and Caper home under the care of the very capable Kristina watching over the house and the girls. It was nice to come home to happy girls and a freshly painted house and RED barn!
Enjoy the fall air!