The glow of fall seems to have dampened and winter is on the horizon. It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone and it’s time to get busy! I loved hearing reports and receiving photo updates from all the pups over the summer. They sure are growing up well. I’ll be updating the blog with these reports later this weekend.

Trixie has become a fast friend for Ben and Anya, why she even shared a tooth fairy experience with Anya! Wonder what the tooth fairy brought those girls in trade for their ‘puppy teeth’?
Coastie continues to be a great ambassador to the town of Snohomish as well as friends and family. I’ve seen him in his red bow tie and I think he is ready to attend the next formal event in town. I knew the mayor at my former job, maybe I’ll have to make sure he has Coastie’s name should he have a big formal affair. Coastie, Rich, and Eileen shared some time at a trick class with Caper and me this fall. It was fun to see his exuberant nature in action.

Hobie had a great summer of travel and hanging with his boys. Seems like he loves the water like all the rest of these guys. Sam reports his obedience is fantastic and he and his big sister, Kaia, are getting along well. Hobie gets the first kiss each morning from Kaia.

Talent has been busy winning the most creative bad dog award. When not digging holes to China, he has determined the kitchen drawer pulls are great step ladders to the kitchen counter AND (I believe I heard right) he can open the refrigerator door. I do know of other refrigerator door opening dogs in his pedigree. That gene is obviously expressed in Mr. Talent!

Kizzy and her big sisters had a great time getting to know one another this summer. One of Kizzy’s favorite things seems to be zooming around the yard and talking back to the tall grass and she rustles through it on her rounds. Deb caught her enjoying the dog days of summer with some acrobatic sprinkler antics in the back yard!Not much word from Sailor and his busy family, but early reports indicate he was getting along fabulously with his human and canine family members. With the crew at Sailor’s house there is no doubt his summer was jam packed and there was little time to write back to his ‘first home’. Sailor, if you get near the computer Cadie would love to hear how you are doing…and photos would warm her heart 😉

Jack has been busy carrying on the hole digging tradition of his family…a trait that seems to fit right in with his new malamute brothers and sisters. Jack and Dorrit also spent some time in trick class this fall. Jack seems to have mastered the hand shake and roll over.

Caper continues to harass her ever-tolerant mom by hanging on her face. She and her big sister, Booty, seem to take their brown color to mean they should be covered in dirt! What is it with these guys and digging? Caper favorite trick from trick class is ‘play dead’, although it sometime takes multiple shots to get the job done 😉

I’ve started a photo albums on Google’s Picassa (via the link on the blog) for each pup consisting of many of the photos you’ve sent so far. Keep them coming! It’s great to look back and see how they’ve grown.