Fast Eddie packed his bags this past Monday and headed off to life with his new family of 5 and Pico. Pico is the much loved 8 year old PWD owned by his family of 3 children plus mom and dad. Eddie – now Sailor – took his first long car trip in stride with shared lap time with his new family. Once home he enjoyed exploring and finished off the day with some snuggling on the sofa while his buddy Jackson read a book.

In keeping with his busy nature, Sailor spent his first day in his new home on the run. Either he was following the kids or they were following him – inside/outside, up the stairs/down the stairs. Then he went to his first Lacrosse and track practices and reportedly was quite the star! Next on his busy social calendar is a visit to school to meet some of Jordan, Jackson, and Richard’s friends.

Fast Eddie is now known as Stowaway Magic Sailor “Sailor”.