Tuesday a friend and I dove in and gave all the pups their first bath. All did great – either didn’t mind the bath experience at all or played with the water during their bath. Next was to spend some time on the grooming table getting their first wet-dog profile photos, followed by drying the little guys with a just regular hair dryer. Now the hair dryer part was a bit less welcomed, although they all settled in nicely to getting brushed and fluffed dry. And of course now that they were all clean and fluffed, how could you resist yet another profile photo on the table, followed by a cute puppy smiling for the camera shot. The two girls in consideration for being my “keeper” got their first big-dog haircut. Too cute, like little girls dressed up in mom’s heels, pearls, and fur….then they take a step or two and stumble.

Wednesday brought another big day – pups made a visit to Dr. Black for an exam and vaccination. The ever-so-capable puppy wranglers helped carry them in five at a time for their exams. What a team those pups are – while Dr. Black had one pup on the exam table the others were busy untying his shoes and tugging at his pant legs. A few even backed up and gave him a shout as it to say “could you pay attention to us down here?!” All the pups checked out fabulously well. They weighed in between 8 lbs 14 oz and 7 lbs. With the help of the puppy wranglers they all got loaded back in their crate and “helped” me run a few errands around town. All in all, they weren’t too bad at all for their first car ride.

Enjoy the photos of the first bath session!