The pups went in today to have the vet check them over and remove their dewclaws. Dr. Black was very pleased with all the pups. Nice and fat. Nice and strong. Then it was time for Cadie the Super Mom to get checked and she passed with flying colors as well. Her weight today was 45.7 – back to her svelte pre-pregnancy figure.

Update on the color/coat/gender mix — seems there was a transcribing error when copying notes from the whelping event over to the puppy weight chart. There is one wavy boy and one curly girl, I wrote there coat types down wrong when I transferred them over. Remember that old nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe…could that be me?

Sad news, the last little girl to be born took a turn for the worse last night and is no longer with us. With that in mind, it was especially sweet to get such a good report from the Vet for her brothers and sisters she left behind.

Cadie’s appetite is great and she is certainly enjoying getting spoiled these days. Boy does she deserve it!