Flo took off for her new home a week ago where she will use her charms to win over her new housemates – fellow PWDs LottieDa and Gabbie. Flo’s new name is Stowaway Magic Sea Gypsy – Kizzy. Kizzy means cinnamon tree in the gypsy language.

In her first week in her new home she has joined the girls to form a 3 PWD parade following Debbie (her new human mom) everywhere in her house. She has become quite taken with LottieDa’s chair. She has had several visits from neighbors and entertains her mom with her zoomie puppy antics in the yard. Seems she has also proven just how high a little brown girl can climb as she has escaped over the baby gate at least once so far! Her brown sister Caper sends her an atta-girl as these two have been partners in crime before she left the nest!