Puppies celebrated their 4 week birthday yesterday with a day filled with what puppies do–play, sleep, eat! How perfect!

Having the pups in the kitchen/den are is perfect to expose them to a variety of noises and light levels. During the third week of their life this is important as they have not yet developed fear. The pups are accustomed to the sound of television, clanging pots, clinking dishes, vacuum cleaner, doors closing, and many other sounds of everyday life.

Their play is quite cute as they bark and growl and chew on each other….then fall fast asleep. Kim and Bridgette (Grasa’s people), Renee, Cindy, Mandy, and Hallie have been out for a visit and puppy breath fix. The pups enjoyed the cuddle time and chance to show of their new space.

Cadie is doing her usual great mom job with these guys and just in the past few days has begun to share her ‘big dog’ food with them. A not so subtle hint to me that they are ready to start eating solid food. They’ve had a couple of pans of milk/cereal mix and boy was that fun to watch. They dive in and some with all fours. Once the pan is empty they spend the next 10 minutes cleaning each other’s faces and paws. Very cute!