seacretnajThis weekend was all about the Frodo girls – Booty and Sea-cret! We spent each day outdoors in this spectacular weather, running agility. Booty had some amazing runs in Masters…but those darn judges did not keep their hands by their sides! Boo is always 100% fun. She was totally loving being back in agility and our teamwork was off just a bit. I just love that dog!

Sea-cret was not to be outdone. My goal for the weekend was to qualify in Jumpers with her to get her Novice Jumpers title, allowing us to move up to run in Open Standard and Open Jumpers. She did just that and had her best run ever in Jumpers on Saturday with a time of 25 sec (4.41yps). The run was smooth as silk and it totally did not feel that fast. That’s what the agility gurus always say happens with those runs 😉 Sea-cret is now Ch Downeast Sea-cret NA NAJ