cadie_kissWith very heavy heart, I had to let my beautiful Cadie go. She was just a few months shy of her 13th birthday….but that still wasn’t enough. What I wouldn’t give for another year, month, or even another day with my Poo-girl. She introduced me to so many things. Together, we made so many new friends. She was ever a puppy in her antics right up to the last day I had her with me. I will always cherish the times we had together and am grateful to her breeder, Melinda Harvey, for entrusting her to me.



Goodbye my sweet Cadie girl…
Thankful for your zest for life and sass right up to your last hours.
Thankful for your sense of humor.cadiespecialty-(2)
Thankful for that last incredible agility run…you rocked!
Thankful for your attitude and how you loved to be coifed.
Thankful for your ability to get down and dirty and bring in half the yard in your curls.
Thankful for all those “flat” stuffed toys you left around the house.
Thankful for your vocal nature (never thought I’d say that).
Thankful for your incessant desire to retrieve….bumpers, keys, you name it.
Thankful for your sweet face…it’s always been there no matter how many years it had on it.
Thankful for your total enjoyment of posing for pictures…you were game for anything.
Thankful for all the beautiful pups you made and the happy families who own them.
Thankful for all the lovely grandkids you have and the bit of you I see in them…noisy, stick carrying, hole diggers that they are.
Thankful for all those cuddles we had watching TV and having whatever beverage was appropriate for the event.

Missing you my girlie…
~Me—the one with the broken heart

Ch Redwoods Song of the Sea RA AX AXJ  (12-24-2001 to 9-15-2014)cadie_face3