Yesterday a host of Stowaway pups, with friends and family in tow, got together for an afternoon of fun. There were 10 littermates from the Frodo x Cadie and the Dobbie x Cadie litters in attendance and they were accompanied by 14 human family support staff members. In addition, 4 extended doggie family were around and 3 additional human friends and acquaintances. It was a full house!

We all met in the matted training building and with the first order of ‘business’ for Auntie Jessie to show how to use clippers and scissors to put your pup into a retriever trim. Thanks to Lei Lani (Ariel’s mom) for taking such good care of Ariel’s coat and having her all brushed out, Jessie was able to whisk her right off to get bathed then Jessie and I got her blown out before the crowd arrived. Everyone watched and asked tons of great questions as Jessie carved out the cute little miss Ariel from under all that hair. It looked like a small animal…maybe two…when we swept it all up and into the trash. Ariel looked fabulous and I think everyone got a chance to learn more about grooming with clippers/scissors and caring for your grooming equipment.

While the grooming demo was underway, I gave little Grasa a bath and then she was the demo dog for how to dry a dog with a forced air dryer. Once dry, Grasa got a new doo also! Cadie was the demo dog for how to brush a dog out and loved all the attention and brushing.
Seemed as if everyone had a great time and enjoyed seeing their littermates and half-sibs and getting to know their humans. It was lots of fun for me – we’ll have to do it again sometime!