Summer is winding down and the days are getting shorter. Pups turned 6 months old this week and from all accounts all have had a fabulous Summer. Oz came today for his first haircut…what a shaggy boy he was! And equally handsome a fellow was found under all that coat. Booty and Cadie have certainly enjoyed the visits from everyone over the past months.

It was great to see Marco, Cala, Grasa, and Oz at the PNW water trials a couple of weeks ago. What a great place for pups to play and entertain everyone with their antics. The water was nice and warm and sent an invitation for the little guys to take a dip. Cala went home fitted with a water harness and the water goodies necesary to begin her water trial career! Looking forward to seeing her at next year’s trial at Flowing Lake. Booty and I have our eyes set on the warm waters of Northern California in August. Anyone want to go?

Grasa and Booty had fun over the Summer as the brown duo at puppy classes, forming their very own Brown Girl Gang during puppy play time. Now they are up to new tricks in a trick class. Gotta get those girls into some more constructive “tricks”!

Ariel has been busy visiting the West Seattle beaches, making friends in her neighborhood, and chasing balls for her mom. Moses went on his big cross-country adventure and I’m sure has many stories to tell. Gus has been busy keeping up with his very busy family. Rio and Bella formed the Oregon branch of the Brown-Dog-Gang and had fun this summer hanging out in puppy class at Pup-a-Razzi. I believe Bella and Melinda took a long road trip this Summer as well. Bella is studying up for all the Fall festivities practicing bobbing for apples in the backyard fountain!

Write when you can, send pictures, and you are welcome for a visit anytime!

Cadie, Booty, and Janet