I find it hard to believe it’s been 8 months since my last blog update…shameful! I’ve enjoyed the updates from each and everyone of you and my New Year’s resolution is to be a better blogger!

I just had a visit from Booty’s brother Gus as his family spent the holidays in NYC! What a great boy he is. Such a gently soul and happy fella. It was good to get the chance to spend some time with him. Booty’s brother Marco and his owner Cathi, have been smoking the courses at the recent agility trials and are hot on the trail of the MACH title – Master Agility Championship. To earn this title, dog and handler must collect 750 speed points (awarded in seconds under the allowed course time) and have the consistency to have PERFECT runs in Standard and Jumpers courses TWENTY times. Stay tuned as they are so very close to their goal! Booty’s sister Ariel stopped by a couple of times lately for a spa day. What a bundle of energy she is…still! I’ve heard from another sweet fella and sibling of Booty, Oz. Rich and Nancy speak often of what a saint he is and how very much he loves to cuddle and comfort…when not playing the clown!

Talent doing his best Elton John imitation.

Caper’s brother Talent, recently found himself in need of a new home. Patti, Ken, and their lovely daughter Rachael welcomed him into their home. He is living the life in a busy household with lots of social opportunities with extended family and teenage girlz! He looks forward to summer camping trips with the family and his new brother Jack the Lab. Speaking of Jack’s, Jack the Portie has been keeping Dorrit on the run in the agility ring as well. They are such fun to watch and he truly LOVES that game! I hear he’s becoming quite the accomplished counter surfer these days. All I got to say is “It’s about time!”

Coastie is not to be outdone on the agility front and is keeping Eileen on the run. His new housemate, his niece Cutter, has taken to the game as well. They have their first debut today at a local fun run. Can’t wait to hear the report. Kizzy is enjoying a quiet life on Whidbey Island and looking forward to a playmate someday soon. Fingers are crossed for them…as two is always better than one!

Nemo and Beckett filled their summer dance cards with trips to the water! Both got their Junior Water Certificates in July. Cathi and Beckett went on to earn both Apprentice AND Working Water Dog titles in September. What a wonderful job she is doing with this young man! Looking forward to seeing more of the both of them in 2013.

Trixie is still the sweetheart of Capitol Hill but her niece, Piper is making a run for the cute prize in their neighborhood. Seems Piper slipped out the back door while her dad wasn’t looking and made her way to the local school playground JUST in time for the kid’s recess! There was a good ending to this story and I learned how wonderful microchips are to reunite dogs on the lam and their owners! Keep your tags on those collars so you are easy to find if your pup gets separated from their family!

Cato is growing up big and strong and now enjoys car trips hither and yon. Fergus is another cuddler and quite the handsome boy as well. So good to see they are all doing so well.

Hemi on the lookout!

Little Sea-cret is almost two-years old now! So hard to believe. She and Hemi have been doing quite well in the show ring and look forward to getting back at it again this month. Speaking of birthdays! Cadie just turned 11 years old on Christmas Eve! So hard to believe!

Hugs to everyone and stay in touch!