This weekend was the local PWD club’s regional specialty event, where many of the local dogs come out to compete in multiple venues. Several of the pups from Stowaway participated in the weekend competitions. Hemi was awarded an Judges Award of Merit yesterday and Best of Breed today. He went on to place 4th in the Working Group. As always Hemi is exquisitely presented by Sammie Lewis. Beckett and Cathi celebrated Beck’s first Q (code for qualifying score) yesterday in Excellent JWW. Cutter came out to support her Uncle Coastie, who had a couple of great runs as well.

For the Hot August Nights litter, today marks their 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday to all….hope you all had a great day!

Always amazed at my dogs and their zest for life!


Hemi Group 4

Hemi celebrating his birthday with a Working Group 4 😉