Hemi launching into the pool

Hemi making a splash!

The Fish got Hemi in…

Posted by Stowaway PWDs on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Buzz cut!

Hemi got a summer haircut as a reward for a job well done in the show ring! Shortly followed by him finding the pool. He’s so happy to finally be swimming and have that short summer doo. I do love putting my dogs in a short cut as you really get the chance to see what they are made of…so to speak. Proud to say my boy handles wearing a Speedo cut well.

It’s gonna be a great summer of fun in the sun 😉 He seems to be making up for lost time as he sure does love launching himself in the pool and working on improving his style.

He is such fun to watch as he approaches life with great joy and exuberance/