Can. Champion / Am. Bronze Grand Champion Stowaway Drive It Like U Stole It AOM


From the beginning he’s enjoyed getting out to dog shows and agility trials. Quite the outgoing fellow and has yet to meet a stranger. His first ring experience was at the Rose City Classic competing in the Puppy 4 to 6 Month Competition. He had a blast!

Hemi hit the show ring in the summer of 2012 and in short order has garnered 6 championship points to include a 5-point major. He finished in March of 2013 with 3 majors. I am proud to note was breeder-owner handled and groomed finishing at 18 mos from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.

After taking almost a year off, Hemi went back in the show ring mid-February 2014. Hemi received his AKC Grand Championship in May 2014, ranking in the top twenty after 3 weekends out as a special. By October 2014, he reached Bronze Grand Champion level. Hemi achieved his Canadian Kennel Club Championship  with only one weekend of showing, topping the weekend off with a group placement.

Hemi finished out 2014 ranked in the Top Twenty PWDs in the country. He was invited to compete in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Top Twenty Event held in Frankenmuth, MI. Hemi enjoys retirement and lots of snuggles.

  • Born: August 24, 2011

  • Black Wavy- 21.5 inches at withers

  • Loves to play with sticks and get the girls involved in a game of chase!

Ch. Stowaway Storytime


Fable is one of the Chronos x Cutter puppies born December 20, 2014. She is a sweet and joyful girl who has grown up to be a wonderful girl. Fable approaches life with vigor and sees everyone as her long lost friend. Aunties (Booty and Sea-cret) have fun with her and have done a great job of teaching baby Fable the ropes.

Fable entered the show ring November of 2016 and quickly garnered a 5-point major as her first set of championship points. In January she hit the show circuit again and got her second major. With those two big wins under her belt, she took some time off in the nursery. Fable was bred to Ch. Downeast Kwik Hide Your Heart – “Eli” with pups born April 5, 2017. She got back in the show ring in August and got 3 more points her first weekend back. Next was her first showing at the PWDCA National specialty where she won a very competitive Bred-by-Exhibitor class of 17 beautiful bitches. In November of 2017 she was awarded two more major point wins to finish her AKC championship with 4 majors! Fable headed back to the nursery spring of 2018 to make some more beautiful babies! She was bred to CH, U-CD Watermark Below Deck CD, RA, OA, NAJ, WWD, GROM, CGC – “Dexter” with pups born April 2, 2018.

Fable’s last litter produced some really wonderful pups by Windruff’s What’s on Tap? “Conner”. This litter was aptly named the Holiday Cheer litter as they are bringing much joy to their respective homes.

Fable now lives with her new family and is the office mascot at their law office. She enjoys trips to the beach and being the center of attention!

  • Born: January 8, 2011

  • Brown & White Wavy – 18 inches at the withers

  • Great kisser!

Stowaway Jeweled Pirate AX MXJ T2B JWD


Booty approaches life with 100% fun in mind. She’s game to try anything but loves agility best. She spent some time in the conformation ring but her heart was always on the agility field. She had some really great years running me around the course!

These days Boo is a very patient puppy Auntie and enjoys sharing breakfast with me. Her idea of a big physical feat is climbing up to the highest pillow for a nap. Good girl Boo!

  • Born: March 21, 2006

  • Brown Wavy – 17.5 inches at the withers

  • Able to leap 6-foot fences flat-footed

Ch. DownEast Sea-Cret Stowaway NA NAJ


Sea-cret arrived on the wings of a big bird as a stowaway from Maine to Washington with a stopover in Dallas to expand her list of friends. She’s never missed a beat making new friends since the day she arrived. Sea-cret is a very happy girl and ready to take on any task. She finished her AKC breed championship and had a great time with her agility career.

For now, Sea-cret enjoys a swim in the pool to cool off during the hot southern summers and seeing if she can beat the others to lap time each evening.

  • Born: January 8, 2011

  • Brown & White Wavy – 18 inches at the withers

  • Great kisser!

Stowaway Magical Mischief Maker


Caper grew up as a bold little girl, frequently seen hanging off her mom’s cheeks. She was quite the active girl and carried on the family tradition of loving dirt! Fortunately being a brown girl she obviously considered it her camouflage. Caper dabbled a bit in agility training and a bit of conformation showing. She had some nice wins, but never really cared for the event. After having a litter of beautiful pups sired by Pinehaven’s Braveheart (Tyler), she retired to live with a friend and her two cats. I hear Caper loves her new friends and having her very own human!

  • Born: March 24, 2008

  • Brown Wavy – 18.5 inches at the withers

  • Great mole hunters and passed that on to her son!

Ch. Stowaway Coastal Sailor WHEC NAJ


Cutter lives with her uncle Coastie and their humans. Coastie is quite tolerant uncle and always willing to show her the ropes. Cutter finished her AKC breed championship and is busy competing in agility competitions.  Cutter puppies arrived December 20, 2014 and are growing up to be wonderful representations of the breed and fabulous companions for their families.

  • Born: August 24, 2011

  • Black Wavy – 20 inches at the withers

  • Tireless ball chaser!