Well, the little Jewels are off to their new homes now. All reports indicate they are well on their way to indoctrinating their new families on life with a PWD pup. It is so easy to forget what handfulls they can be…ah, but what joy and laughter they bring to our lives! And just think of all the stories you will have to share.

Thanks for all the great reports from the field sharing how they are adapting to their new lives. What great photos of them making folks smile.

I have created (will create) albums for each pup and update as you guys send me photos. They are all so beautiful and growing up so fast….send pictures soon, send pictures often!

Below is the playlist of who’s who in the Jewel Litter.

Quartz – now Gus
Jasper – now Moses
Onyx – now Marco
Amber – now Bella
Opal – now Cala (pronouced “Kaya”)
Jade – now Ariel
Rose – now Grasa
Topaz – now Rio
Emerald – now Oz
Pearl – now Booty