March is a month of birthdays!

Puppies from the Frodo x Cadie litter celebrated their 9th birthday on March 21st this year. So hard to believe those guys are 9 already. Booty wishes her brothers and sisters a very happy birthday, month and year! What a great fun-loving bunch. This was the Jewel theme litter and they’ve all turned out to be quite the gems, making incredible pets to their families for these past 9 years. Here’s a toast to many more years and continued good health for these guys.

Marco celebrated his agility Masters Championship II with all his PWD friends at the local club trial mid-month. Heard from Gus, Rio, Kizzy, and Oz. Sounds like they are enjoying life and their families and doggie friends.

Next in the birthday cue for March are the Elves, born to Dobby x Cadie March 24th seven years ago! In the prime of their lives, these guys are doing great and having a blast with their families and friends. This litter theme were elves in honor of their father, Dobby. A great house elf in fiction and real life 😉

Jack, Talent, Caper, Kizzy, and Sailor reported in with photos and updates from their busy lives. Jack is hard at work keeping the malamutes and kitties in line, while keeping his agility skills in tune. Talent and his family are busy entertaining and enjoying spring. Caper has quite a good opinion of herself and sends evidence of her status as “best dog ever” for display in my house…lest I forget 😉 Sailor is quite the busy guy keeping up with his busy family, while looking like quite the handsome fella. Kizzy is doing her best to keep her younger sister, Haddie, in check!

Great to hear from you March babies! Continue to do well and keep those updates coming!