Pups moved downstairs on Sunday with the help of Auntie Cathi. They are diggin’ their new space and I’ve already found the need to give them even more room.

Cadie loves having them in the midst of things as she can keep an eye on them and still be a part of what goes on in the household. PLUS she is ever so much closer to the kitchen sink and food preparation. Feeding all those little hungry mouths is hard work and she is famished and eating like a horse!

Booty has found a new perch for puppy watching and enjoys nosing her new brothers and sisters through the ex-pen.

The pups had a couple of visitors already this week and got lots of hugs and cuddles. Cadie takes puppy visitors in stride and has her routine. She requires that all pups must be thoroughly washed before being given over to adoring visitors. She can then sit back and supervise while the pups get some individual attention from their adoring public.

Fast Eddie, Zoot , and Snap get ready to rumble!

JJ checks out the new toy in the box.

JJ trying to get somthing started with his brother Snap. Sam looking into the camera. Flo on the move in the bottom of the frame.

Zoot poses for the camera!