Can you believe the winter we’ve had so far? We had up to 14 or more inches of snow at any given point here. Take a look at the Picassa photo album link and you will see snow up to the top of the contact zone on my A-frame in the agilty yard! The dogs LOVED it in spite of the giant ice balls that formed on their leg coat. Brush out the ice balls on Caper and loosen your grip for a nanosecond and she was OFF to have more fun in the snow!
Booty’s brother, Gus, was out for a visit while his family spent the holidays in New York. He had a great time playing in the snow and frolicking with the brown girls. Don and Emma came to pick him up and he had a hard time leaving paradise and his girls! Guess that is not a bad thing that he had such a good time on his holiday vacation.
I hope to open my house for a puppy play day/grooming day sometime in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for word of a potential date.