Stowaway Jeweled Pirate AX MXJ T2B JWD


Once in a while we get to share our lives with a great one. Great for the simple reason that they are a huge value add to our lives and all the lives of all those they meet. That was my Booty girl! Boo shared 6, 276 days with me and filled that time with so many memories. For 17 years she was a constant source of joy and laughter.
She was a self possessed and always willing to create adventures with me. There are countless stories from my life with her and the many friends she has made over the years. She was mischievous to the core; excellent puppy auntie; great mole/squirrel hunter; great water dog; and totally reckless agility dog. For the majority of her life there was no fence that could keep her in, no doubt she climbed the Pearly Gate when she reached dog heaven rather than walking through.
I’ve read that every time we lose a dog they take a piece of our hearts with them, and every new dog who comes into our lives gifts us with a piece of their hearts. If we live long enough all the components of our hearts will be dog, and we will become as generous and loving as they are. Boo gave me a huge piece of her heart and that is likely why mine is breaking right now. I will miss that little brown girl forever. The memories of her will soon be a comfort….but for now my heart just aches….
  • March 21, 2006 – May 18, 2023

  • Brown Wavy – 17.5 inches at the withers

  • Able to leap 6-foot fences flat-footed

Ch. Redwood’s Song of the Sea RA AX AXJ


True to her breed, Cadie approached life with a lively vigorous spirit. She came to me from Melinda Harvey of Redwoods PWD in Connecticut.  Her mom was Melinda’s Evie bred to a handsome English import named Jake. Jake came to this country after winning Best of Breed at the Crufts dog show. Cadie was born on Christmas Eve which is so fitting as she was a very special gift in my life. Cadie had two litters of beautiful pups–one in 2006 and one in 2008. Cadie’s antics and personality lives on in all of her kids and grandkids. Miss you my girlie….

  • December 24, 2001 – September 15, 2014

  • Black Curly – 19 inches at the withers

  • Best trick was to read flashcards for treats!

Ch. Polliwog Cayuga, CGC, OA, OAJ, V-NAC, V-NGC, V-OJC


Nemo was my first PWD and proved to be a life-changing experience! He came to live with me as a two-year old. He and Abbie were great friends from the first day they met. After he finished his AKC Championship we moved to Seattle and discovered agility.

Ah, Nemo was ever so patient with his bumbling novice trainer (ME!) I did just about everything wrong one could do and he still thought I was pretty darn cool. He retired from his agility career obtaining his Open Jumpers title with a clean run at age 10 years.

He was such a sweet and brave boy! Miss him in all those familiar places…

  • October 10, 1993 – December 31, 2004

  • Black Wavy – 19 inches at the withers

  • What a great first PWD to have!

Ch. Polliwog Cattaraugus


Gus was Nemo’s full brother and Gus finished his AKC Championship in the blink of an eye. He was one of those “filler dogs” that got handed off to the friend of the day to take in the ring….and won!

Upon attaining that goal of CH., Gus specialized in “lazy dog” and being a total annoyance to his brother. His favorite activity is lounging and was torturing his brother when he was still around. Gus lived an amazing and full life. I wonder what he thought when he caught a glimpse of Nemo at the Rainbow Bridge?!

  • October 10, 1993 – December 10, 2008

  • Black Parti Wavy – 19 inches at the withers

  • Excelled at mischief and annoying his brother.

Stowaway Magical Mischief Maker


Caper grew up as a bold little girl, frequently seen hanging off her mom’s cheeks. She was quite the active girl and carried on the family tradition of loving dirt! Fortunately being a brown girl she obviously considered it her camouflage. Caper dabbled a bit in agility training and a bit of conformation showing. She had some nice wins, but never really cared for the event. After having a litter of beautiful pups sired by Pinehaven’s Braveheart (Tyler), she retired to live with a friend and her two cats. Caper loved her new friends and having her very own human! She zenned to her heart’s content and snuggled with her new friends like no other. What a great brown dog she was!

  • March 24, 2008 – October 16, 2022

  • Brown Wavy – 18.5 inches at the withers

  • Great mole hunters and passed that on to her son!