Yesterday, Pepper Minstix packed her little puppy bag and took off for her new life as the best puppy, Trixie, in her new home. Sean, Karen, Anja, and Ben welcomed her into their lives and she is loving it! Reports of her first night include snuggles with Ben and Anja while they watched TV and Karen prepared dinner and exploring her new house. Then there was more snuggling for bedtime stories. How could a puppy possibly resist a good bedtime story? Top that off with puppy play and she was one tired pup that slept through the night!

She is busy working on her basic puppy manners in preparation for her puppy class that starts real soon. We are so proud of you little girl! Pepper Minstix is now known as Stowaway Magic Tricks “Trixie”. We look forward to more reports from her new adventures.