IMG_6345The members of the “It”s About Time” Litter have arrived! Clearly they like the early morning hours, arriving between 2 and 6 AM Saturday December 20, 2014. Cutter gave birth to 7 beautiful pups – 6 boys and 1 girl. All wavy coats. All black with a spot or two of white…and I do mean a spot.  You will notice each puppy has a colored color to help identify them while they are together. For the most part, all birth weights were 13-16.5, with one 10 ouncer. All pups are nursing well, coats are shiny, tummies are round, and seem quite content. Cutter is being a very attentive mom and seemed quite a natural and the whelping process. We’ll continue to keep a close watch on mom and pups over the next several days to make sure they continue to eat, sleep, and those other things pups do.

IMG_6356 IMG_6361IMG_6348 IMG_6349