Puppies had many visitors this past weekend and were ever so thankful for a turn in the weather Sunday morning! My co-worker Patti, her daughter Rachel, and Rachel’s friend Olivia came over for pizza, sunshine, puppy breath, and an afternoon of fun-filled puppy bathing. Afther two puppy baths, Rachel and Olivia became experts and were ready to take on sole responsibility for rounding up and bathing the remaining six puppies.

Patti and I manned the puppy drying station….Pattie towel dried and I gave them their first blow drying experience. All the puppies did great….just a few minor whiners.

A couple of the pups got ‘big dog’ haircuts. Rachel and Olivia helped steady the pups for their haircuts. How cute they were running around all ‘dressed up’ after their haircuts.

Below are snapshots of the crew after their first baths. Don’t they just sparkle!

I know there were some really pooped puppies last night and hear there were a couple of pooped puppy bathing girls also! Thanks Rachel, Olivia, and Patti for your help.