Puppies have had their nails trimmed….9 puppies = 36 puppy feet = 144 puppy toenails to trim! It is important to keep the puppy nails trimmed to protect Cadie’s belly from tiny bruises their nails can create while nursing. What a great job she is doing taking care of her brood…I’m all for helping her out in any way I can.

Poor Big Sister Booty has been so bored with all this fuss over these new puppies. She can be frequently seen perched on the back of her favorite chair. Thank heavens her sister, Cala, is here for a visit while Kyle and Jenn are vacationing in Hawaii.

Each pup is handled several times each day and told how very handsome and beautiful they are. All a part of the early neurological development of a well socialized pup. Much has been written on the topic and there are actual formal exercises to be performed on each pup begining at 3 days and continuing until the pups eyes open around or before 2 weeks. (see Developing High Achievers (Early Neurological Stimlulation) ) Mild controlled stress makes for an adult dog that in theory better copes with life’s stress and is healthier overall.